Facebook and Philosophy: What's on Your Mind?


Facebook and Philosophy: What's on Your Mind?



Facebook and Philosophy is an entertaining, multi-faceted exploration of what Facebook means for us and for our relationships. With discussions ranging from the nature of friendship and its relationship to "friending," to the (debatable) efficacy of "online activism," this book is the most extensive and systematic attempt to understand Facebook yet. And with plenty of new perspectives on Twitter and Web 2.0 along the way, this fun, thought-provoking book is a serious and significant contribution for anyone working with social media, whether in academia, journalism, public relations, activism, or business. Exploring far-reaching questions — Can our interactions on Facebook help us care about each other more? Does Facebook signal the death of privacy, or (perhaps worse yet) the death of our desire for privacy? — Facebook and Philosophy is vital reading for anyone involved in social networks today.



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A reply to Facebook critics / D. E. Wittkower -- Who uses Facebook and why? / Homero Gil de Zúñiga and Sebastián Valenzuela -- The privacy virus / James Grimmelmann -- It's like talking to a wall / Graham Meikle -- Ian became a fan of Marshal McLuhan on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too / Ian Bogost -- With friends like these, who needs enemies? / Elizabeth Losh -- Profile picture, right here, right now / Jeremy Sarachan -- You can't front on Facebook / Mimi Marinucci -- Why I am not a friend / Mariam Thalos -- Playing around with identity / Tamara Wandel and Anthony Beavers -- Spectacle 2.0? / Rune Vejby and D. E. Wittkower -- Why can't we be virtual friends? / Craig Condella -- The friendship that makes no demands / Matthew Tedesco -- Care ethics, friendship, and Facebook / Maurice Hamington -- What are friends for? / Chris Bloor -- Dear Facebook / Adam Briggle -- Gossip and the evolution of Facebook / Margaret A. Cuonzo -- Facebook as an excess of seeing / M. Deanya Lattimore -- Do status updates have any value? / Abrol Fairweather and Jodi Halpern -- Gatekeeper, moderator, synthesizer / Michael V. Butera -- Facebook, surveillance, and power / Waddick Doyle and Matthew Fraser -- Wall to wall or face to face / Asaf Bar-Tura -- Facebook as playground and factory / Trebor Scholz -- The proles and cons of Facebook / Richard Morgan and John Clulow -- Faking it on Facebook / Sara Louise Muhr and Michael Pedersen.

Facebook and Philosophy: What's on Your Mind?

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