Mr. Monk and Philosophy: The Curious Case of the Defective Detective


Mr. Monk and Philosophy: The Curious Case of the Defective Detective



Mr. Monk and Philosophy is a carefully and neatly organized collection of eighteen chapters divided into exactly six groups of precisely three chapters each. Drawing on a wide range of philosophers—from Aristotle and Diogenes, to Siddhartha Gautama and St. Thomas Aquinas, to David Hume and Karl Popper—the authors ask how Adrian Monk solves his cases, why he is the way he is, how he thinks, and what we can learn from him.



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Contents: Mr. Monk meets Alexander the Great / D.E. Wittkower -- Mr. Monk and the phenomenological attitude / Talia Welsh -- Mr. Monk has an epiphany / Nils Ch. Rauhut -- Mr. Monk and the sinister milk / Michelle Gallagher -- Mr. Monk and the virtuous habit / Linda Levitt -- Mr. Monk makes some friends / Michael Dodge -- Mr. Monk takes on the übermensch / Courtland Lewis -- Mr. Monk isn't himself / Daniel P. Malloy -- Mr. Monk and the contradiction / Nicolas Michaud -- Mr. Monk goes to the library / Julie Kane -- Mr. Monk meets Dr. House / Marc Zaffran -- Mr. Monk and the emotion-reason dilemma / E. Deidre Pribram -- Mr. Monk and the reestablished harmony / Zerrin Oral Kavas -- Mr. Monk and the medieval monks / Andrew B.R. Elliott -- Mr. Monk does a ritual dance / Jennifer Culver -- Mr. Monk and the bodhisattva ideal / Ronald S. Green -- Mr. Mead starts couples therapy / Sylvia Randall -- Mr. Monk and the jungle out there / Michael Kagan -- Mr. Monk and the death drive / Giancarlo Tarantino and D.E. Wittkower.