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Journal of the American Philosophical Association


Online Ahead of Print


27 pp.


Perhaps the most fundamental disagreement concerning Nietzsche’s view of metaphysics is that some commentators believe Nietzsche has a positive, systematic metaphysical project, and others deny this. Those who deny it hold that Nietzsche believes metaphysics has a special problem, that is, a distinctively problematic feature which distinguishes metaphysics from other areas of philosophy. In this paper, I investigate important features of Nietzsche’s metametaphysics in order to argue that Nietzsche does not, in fact, think metaphysics has a special problem. The result is that, against a longstanding view held in the literature, we should be reading Nietzsche as a metaphysician.


This is the author's preprint of a paper to be published in a forthcoming edition of Journal of the American Philosophical Association.

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Remhof, J. (2021). Nietzsche: Metaphysician. Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Online Ahead of Print, 27 pp.