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Book Review

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H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences




[First Paragraph] Stanford University Press has undertaken the project of providing the first English translation of all of Nietzsche’s writings, including his unpublished fragments, with annotation, afterwords concerning the individual texts, and indexes, in nineteen volumes. The book under review here is volume 6. It covers The Joyful Science, Idylls from Messina, and unpublished fragments written from spring 1881 to summer 1882. Giorio Colli provides a short afterword, Adrian del Caro offers a significant afterword, and del Caro supplies extensive, significantly substantive translator notes. As I see things, this volume is essential for understanding Nietzsche’s thought.

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Remhof, J. (2023). [Review of The joyful science / idylls from Messina / unpublished fragments from the period of the joyful science (spring 1881– summer 1882): Volume 6 (the complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche), by F. Nietzsche, trans. by A. Del Caro]. H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1-2.