Date of Award

Winter 2001

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Director

Charles Hyde-Wright

Committee Member

Bernard Michel

Committee Member

Pierre-Yves Bertin

Committee Member

Anatoly Radyushkin

Committee Member

Charles Sukenik


Experimental Virtual Compton Scattering (VCS) off the proton is a new tool to access the Generalized Polarizabilities (GPs) of the proton that parameterize the response of the proton to an electromagnetic perturbation. The Q2 dependence of the GPs leads, by Fourier transform, to a description of the rearrangement of the charge and magnetization distributions. The VCS reaction γ* + pp + γ was experimentally accessed through the reaction e + pe + p + γ of electroproduction of photons off a cryogenic liquid Hydrogen target. Data were collected in Hall A at Jefferson Lab between March and April 1998 below pion threshold at Q2 = 1. and 1.9 (GeV/c)2 and also in the resonance region. Both the scattered electron and the recoil proton were analyzed with the Hall A High Resolution Spectrometer pair while the signature of the emitted real photon is obtained with a missing mass technique. A few experimental and analysis aspects will be treated. Cross-sections were extracted from the data set taken at Q2 = 1. (GeV/c)2 and preliminary results for the structure functions PLL − PTT/∈; and PLT, which involve the GPs, were obtained.


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