Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Accelerator Science

Committee Director

Jean R. Delayen

Committee Member

Grigory Eremeev

Committee Member

Alex Gurevich

Committee Member

Gail Dodge

Committee Member

Sylvain Marsillac


In the field of Accelerator Science, for the low cost and increased quality factor, thin films coated niobium cavities are used in the modern SRF research. Within the potential substances, Nb3Sn has shown higher critical temperature than niobium. Here the tin vapor diffusion method is used as the preferred technique to coat niobium cavities. So far, only elliptical cavities have been coated with Nb3Sn and this technique has not yet been applied to cavities with complex geometries, which are also helpful in the accelerator science field. The Half-wave resonator could provide us data across frequencies of interest for particle accelerators world wide. Similarly the Twin axis cavity proposed for Energy Recovary Linac (ERL) applications could benefit from Nb3Sn coating. But with their advanced geometries, increased area, more number of ports and hard to reach areas, a different coating approach is needed to provide a uniform coating of Nb3Sn. We used twin axis cavity to optimize the coating technique and followed a low temperature annealing to further improvement of the thin film quality by low temperature annealing as a post coating method. With these we could expand the current coating system at JLab to coat complex cavity models.


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