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Fall 12-1980

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Master of Science (MS)



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Gary E. Copeland

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Mark D. Havey

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Forest P. Clay

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James L. Cox, Jr.

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Charles N. Harward

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Special Collections LD4331.P48M34


A Beer's Law experiment was performed with a tunable laser to determine self broadened line shape parameters of one infrared absorption ozone line in the v1 band for ten pressures from 0.26 to 6.29 Torr at 285K. SO2 line positions were used for wavelength calibration. Line shapes were iteratively fitted to the Voigt function at a Doppler width of 29.54 MHz (HWHM) resulting in values for the integrated line• strength, ( S), of (0.144 +/- 0.007 ) x ·10-20 cm-1/molecule cm-2, line center frequency, (υο) of 1129.426 cm-1 and the Lorentzian contributions to half width, (αL). A linear least squares fit of αL as a function of pressure yielded a zero intercept of 15.27 +/- 0.29 MHz (rho= 0.99) and a broadening parameter, (αo ), of 5.71 +/- 0.29 MHz/Torr. This results in a line width (FWHM) of 0.144 +/- .007 cm-1 at 760 Torr and 285K.


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