Absorption Cross-Sections of Sodium Diatomic Molecules

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Fall 12-1985

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Master of Science (MS)



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Wynford L. Harries

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James L. Cox, Jr.

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G. E. Copeland

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Mark D. Havey

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G. R. Hoy

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Special Collections LD4331.P48F66


The absorption cross sections of sodium dimers were studied using a heat pipe over operating in the non-heat-pipe mode. Three wavelength regions were observed. They are in the red, the green-blue, and the near ultraviolet regions. The absorption cross section depends on the wavelength of the incident light. Representative peak values for the v"=0 progression in the red and green-blue regions are 2.59 A sup 2 (average value) and 11.77 A sup 2 (Tave=624 K). The value for the C greater than X transitions is several tenths A sup 2. The cross sections were measured from absorption spectra taken as a function of temperature.


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