Mossbauer Study of Gadolinium Iron Garnet

Date of Award

Summer 7-1985

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Desmond C. Cook

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Gilbert Hoy

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Special collections LD4331.P48L5


The Mossbauer spectroscopic study of Gadolinium Iron Garnet R3Fe5O12 (GdIG) has been performed over the temperature range of 7K to 715K. Both high temperature and low temperature properties of GdIG have been studied. The magnetization is along (111) direction over this temperature range. The internal magnetic fields at Fe57 sites in GdIG gave two values for the octahedral(a), site which differ by 4-6 KOe and one value for the tetrahedral (d), site at each temperature. Measurements of the total isomer shift in the spectra show that the shift of the center of the spectra consists of two contributions, chemical shift and thermal shift. It is the thermal shift that causes the isomer shift to change as a function of temperature. No temperature-dependence is observed in the chemical shift. The Curie temperature (where the material changes its magnetic properties from ferrimagnetism to paramagnetism) is determined to be 562 ±o.5K. The temperature-independent quadrupole splittings in GdIG at both sites have been obtained from the spectra above the Curie temperature. They are 0.345 mm/s for the a-site and 0.920 mm/s for the d-site. No magnetic reorientation was observed within the temperature range at which the material has been studied.


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