Date of Award

Spring 2007

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Director

Lawrence Weinstein

Committee Member

Moskov Amaryan

Committee Member

Wally Van Orden

Committee Member

Charles I. Sukenik

Committee Member

Li-Shi Luo


Nucleon-Nucleon (NN) Short Range Correlations (SRC) represent a valuable part of the nuclear wave function. Improved knowledge of SRC will give us a better understanding of nuclear matter and nuclear interactions in extreme conditions. A study of the effects of short-range correlations using the 3He(e, e'pp)n reaction measured at Jefferson Lab is presented. Two different approaches were selected to investigate SRC. The first approach consists of the kinematics when we investigate the two active protons and neutron is the spectator (was not involved in the interaction). This kinematics dominates by Final State Interactions which are reasonably well described by Laget calculations. The second approach consists of the kinematics when the one nucleon carries almost all energy of the virtual photon and the subject of interest is the spectator pair. Looking at the reactions, we can extract the kinematic regions where the NN SRC is an almost non interacting spectator pair. We have measured the relative and total momentum distributions of spectator pp and pn pairs up to 600 MeV/c. The theoretical calculations generally fail to describe the data.


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