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Summer 2003

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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J. Wallace Van Orden

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Jo Dudek

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Sebastian Kuhn

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Geoffrey Kraft

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Ruhai Zhou


There are currently no models readily available that provide nucleon-nucleon spin dependent scattering amplitudes at high energies ( s ≥ 6 GeV2). This work aims to provide a model for calculating these high-energy scattering amplitudes. The foundation of the model is Regge theory since it allows for a relativistic description and full spin dependence. A parameterization of the amplitudes is presented. and comparisons of the solution to the assembled data set are shown. In addition, an application of the model to describe final state interactions in deuteron electrodisintegration is presented. Overall the model works as intended, and provides an adequate description of the nucleon-nucleon interaction at these energies.


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