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Fall 2016

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Stephen Bueltmann

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Sabastian Kuhn

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Rocco Schiavilla

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Alex Godunov

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Jennifer Poutsma


Deeply virtual exclusive processes offer a unique opportunity to study the internal structure of the nucleon and nuclei. The goal of this work is to extract the beam-spin asymmetry in deeply virtual coherent neutral pion electroproduction, e4He → e′4He′π0, using the CLAS detector in the experimental Hall B at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The data were collected in 2009 with a 6 GeV longitudinally polarized electron beam impinging on a 30 cm long, 6 atm Helium-4 gaseous target. In order to ensure that the process is coherent, a new Radial Time Projection Chamber was used to detect and identify low energy recoil α-particles. The Beam Spin Asymmetry in the coherent deep exclusive regime was measured at Q2 = 1.50 GeV2, XB = 0.18 and −t = 0.14 GeV2. The measured asymmetry has an amplitude of 10%±5% and has the opposite sign compared the asymmetry measured for π0 production on the proton.


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