Date of Award

Spring 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Director

Jean R. Delayen

Committee Member

Jozef Dudek

Committee Member

Alexander Godunov

Committee Member

Geoffrey Kraft

Committee Member

Mileta Tomovic


To date, superconducting spoke cavities have been designed, developed, and tested for particle velocities up to β0 ~ 0.6, but there is a growing interest in possible applications of spoke cavities for high-velocity applications. The first task is to explore the design parameter space for low-frequency, high-velocity, single- and double-spoke superconducting cavities in order to determine how each design parameter affects the electromagnetic properties, in particular the surface electromagnetic fields and the shunt impedance. Once an electromagnetically optimized, high-velocity spoke cavity is designed, there are several other characteristics that need to be investigated. These include multipacting scenarios, higher-order mode excitation and suppression, multipole analysis of the accelerating field, and mechanical properties. Finally, the cavity fabrication and testing is performed and evaluated. In this dissertation, we present a detailed account of the full development process for the first high-velocity single-spoke cavity operating at 325 MHz and double-spoke cavity operating at 500 MHz.


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