Date of Award

Spring 1999

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Director

Anatoly Radyushkin

Committee Member

Ian Balitsky

Committee Member

J. M. Dorrepaal

Committee Member

Mark D. Havey

Committee Member

Charles Hyde-Wright


Applications of perturbative QCD to deeply virtual Compton scattering and hard exclusive meson electroproduction processes require a generalization of usual Parton distributions for the case when long-distance information is accumulated in nonforward matrix elements [special characters omitted] of quark and gluon light-cone operators. We consider different aspects of the investigation of the virtual Compton amplitude in the QCD on two examples: the spin dependent observables in the forward virtual Compton process (measured in the experiments on deep inelastic scattering) and the γγ* transition form factor. Then we discuss in detail evolution equations for non-forward parton distributions [special characters omitted] The latter are constructed from simple models for double distributions [special characters omitted] with correct spectral and symmetry properties. They also satisfy the reduction relations connecting them to the usual (forward) parton densities [special characters omitted] We obtain solutions for evolution equations for non-forward quark and gluon parton obtain solutions for evolution equations for non-forward quark and gluon parton distributions and show that the models are consistent with the evolution. Using these models, we give an estimate for the cross section of deeply virtual Compton scattering for the kinematics of CEBAF at Jefferson Lab.