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Physical Review Accelerators and Beams






030701 (13 pages)


Rising interest in inverse Compton sources has increased the need for efficient models that properly quantify the behavior of scattered radiation given a set of interaction parameters. The current state-of-the-art simulations rely on Monte Carlo-based methods, which, while properly expressing scattering behavior in high-probability regions of the produced spectra, may not correctly simulate such behavior in low-probability regions (e.g. tails of spectra). Moreover, sampling may take an inordinate amount of time for the desired accuracy to be achieved. In this paper, we present an analytic derivation of the expression describing the scattered radiation linewidth and propose a model to describe the effects of horizontal and vertical emittance on the properties of the scattered radiation. We also present an improved version of the code initially reported in Krafft et al. [Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 19, 121302 (2016)], that can perform the same simulations as those present in CAIN and give accurate results in low-probability regions by integrating over the emissions of the electrons. Finally, we use these codes to carry out simulations that closely verify the behavior predicted by the analytically derived scaling law.


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Ranjan, N., Terzic, B., Krafft, G. A., Petrillo, V., Drebot, I., & Serafini, L. (2018). Simulation of inverse compton scattering and its implications on the scattered linewidth. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 21(3), 030701. doi:10.1103/PhysRevAccelBeams.21.030701


0000-0002-9646-8155 (Terzić), 0000-0002-0328-5828 (Krafft)