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Physical Review C






064911 (1-10)


Previous experimental results based on data (~ 15 x 106 events) collected by the STAR detector at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider suggest event-by-event charge-separation fluctuations perpendicular to the event plane in noncentral heavy-ion collisions. Here we present the correlator previously used split into its two component parts to reveal correlations parallel and perpendicular to the event plane. The results are from a high-statistics 200-GeV Au + Au collisions data set (57 x 106 events) collected by the STAR experiment. We explicitly count units of charge separation from which we find clear evidence for more charge-separation fluctuations perpendicular than parallel to the event plane. We also employ a modified correlator to study the possible P-even background in same- and opposite-charge correlations, and find that the P-even background may largely be explained by momentum conservation and collective motion.


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Adamczyk, L., Adkins, J. K., Agakishiev, G., Aggarwal, M. M., Ahammed, Z., Alekseev, I., . . . Zyzak, M. (2013). Fluctuations of charge separation perpendicular to the event plane and local parity violation in √ˢᴺᴺ = 200 GeV Au + Au collisions at the BNL relativistic heavy ion collider. Physical Review C, 88(6), 064911. doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.88.064911

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