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Physical Review B






106401 (1-4)


Recently, in a paper by Kohn and Smirnov, a formula previously derived by Kagan et al. was developed to explain the forward scattering of gamma radiation by a nuclear-resonant sample excited by pulsed synchrotron radiation. Their derivation followed, directly, a procedure developed by Heitler, Harris, and Hoy. Previously, a completely different formula was developed by Hoy et al. to explain the same process. As a result, Kohn and Smirnov discuss the correctness and validity of the two models. In this Comment a detailed numerical comparison of the two theories has also been made. It is shown that their comparison is substantially inaccurate. The two models give essentially the same results. There is some small difference at times long after the synchrotron radiation pulse. If experiments of this type are used to extract nuclear parameters, either model will provide the same results. Either model will fit the experimental data well.


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Hoy, G. R., & Odeurs, J. (2009). Comment on "On the theory of nuclear resonant forward scattering of synchrotron radiation''. Physical Review B, 79(10), 106401. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.79.106401