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Physical Review Accelerators and Beams






080703 (20 pages)


The Old Dominion University Compact Light Source (ODU CLS) design concept is presented-a compact Inverse Compton Light Source (ICLS) with flux and brilliance orders of magnitude beyond conventional laboratory-scale sources and greater than other compact ICLS designs. This concept utilizes the physics of inverse Compton scattering of an extremely low emittance electron beam by a laser pulse of rms length of approximately two-thirds of a picosecond (2/3 ps). The accelerator is composed of a superconducting radio frequency (SRF) reentrant gun followed by four double-spoke SRF cavities. After the linac are three quadrupole magnets to focus the electron beam to the interaction point (IP). The distance from cathode surface to 1P is less than 6 m, with the cathode producing electron bunches with a bunch charge of 10 pC and a few picoseconds in length. The incident laser has 1 MW circulating power, a 1 micron wavelength, and a spot size of 3.2 microns at the IP. The repetition rate of this source is 100 MHz, in order to achieve a high flux despite the low bunch charge. The anticipated x-ray source parameters include an energy of 12 keV, with a total flux of 2.2 x 10(13) ph/s, the flux into a 0.1% bandwidth of 3.3 x 10(10) ph/(s0.1%BW), and the average brilliance of 3.4 x 10(14) ph/ (s mm(2 )mrad(2) 0.1%BW).


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Deitrick, K. E., Krafft, G. A., Terzic, B., & Delayen, J. R. (2018). High-brilliance, high-flux compact inverse compton light source. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 21(8), 080703. doi:10.1103/PhysRevAccelBeams.21.080703


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