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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference



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International Linear Accelerator Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, September 9-14, 2012


The superconducting parallel-bar deflecting/crabbing cavity is currently being considered as one of the design options in rf separation for the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade and for the crabbing cavity for the proposed LHC luminosity upgrade. Knowledge of multipole field effects is important for accurate beam dynamics study of rf structures. The multipole components can be accurately determined numerically using the electromagnetic surface field data in the rf structure. This paper discusses the detailed analysis of those components for the fundamental deflecting/crabbing mode and higher order modes in the parallel-bar deflecting/crabbing cavity.


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De Silva, S., & Delayen, J. (2013). Multipole field effects for the superconducting parallel-bar/rf-dipole deflecting/crabbing cavities. Paper presented at the 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.


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