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Proceedings, 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2016), Busan, Korea



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7th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2016), Busan, Korea, May 8-13, 2016


Center for Accelerator Science at ODU has designed, fabricated and successfully tested a crab cavity for MEIC at Jefferson Lab*. This proof of principle cavity was based on the earlier MEIC design which used 748.5 MHz RF system. The updated MEIC design** utilizes the components from PEP-II. It results in the change on the bunch repetition rate of stored beam to 476.3 MHz. The ion ring collider will eventually require 952.6 MHz crab cavity. This paper will present the analyses of crab cavities of both 476 MHz and 952 MHz options. It compares advantages and disadvantages of the options which provides the MEIC design team important technical information for a system down selection.


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Park, H., De Silva, S., Castilla, A., Morozov, V., & Delayen, J. (2016). Analyses of 476 MHz and 952 MHz Crab Cavities for JLAB Electron Ion Collider. Paper presented at the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, May 8-13, 2016, Busan, Korea.


0000-0002-4809-9439 (De Silva), 0000-0002-8222-8740 (Delayen)