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Proceedings, 12th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference, ICAP2015



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12th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference, Shanghai, China, October 12-16, 2015


Future machines such as the Electron Ion Collider (MEIC), linac-ring machines (eRHIC) or LHeC are particularly sensitive to beam-beam effects. This is the limiting factor for long-term stability and high luminosity reach. The complexity of the non-linear dynamics makes it challenging to perform such simulations typically requiring millions of turns. Until recently, most of the methods have involved using linear approximations and/or tracking for a limited number of turns. We have developed a framework which exploits a massively parallel Graphical Processing Units (GPU) architecture to allow for tracking millions of turns in a sympletic way up to an arbitrary order. The code is called GHOST for GPU-accelerated High-Order Symplectic Tracking. As of now, there is no other code in existence that can accurately model the single-particle non-linear dynamics and the beam-beam effect at the same time for a large enough number of turns necessary to verify the long-term stability of a collider. Our approach relies on a matrix-based arbitrary-order symplectic particle tracking for beam transport and the Bassetti-Erskine approximation for the beam-beam interaction.


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Terzić, B., Arumugam, K., Aturban, M., Cotnoir, C., Gudunov, A., Ranjan, D., . . . Zubair, M. (2016). High-fidelity simulations of long-term beam-beam dynamics on GPUs. Paper presented at the 12th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference, 12-16 October 2015, Shanghai, China.


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