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Physical Review C




054608 (1-5)


The success of the ambitious programs of both long- and short-baseline neutrino-oscillation experiments employing liquid-argon time-projection chambers will greatly rely on the precision with which the weak response of the argon nucleus can be estimated. In the E12-14-012 experiment at Jefferson Lab Hall A, we studied the properties of the argon nucleus by scattering a high-quality electron beam off a high-pressure gaseous argon target. Here, we present the measured 40Ar(e,e') double differential cross section at incident electron energy E=2.222 GeV and scattering angle Θ = 15.54°. The data cover a broad range of energy transfers, where quasielastic scattering and delta production are the dominant reaction mechanisms. The result for argon is compared to our previously reported cross sections for titanium and carbon, obtained in the same kinematical setup.


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Dai, H., Murphy, M., Pandey, V., Hauenstein, F., Hyde, C …, et al (2019). First measurement of the Ar(e,e')X cross section at Jefferson Laboratory. Physical Review C, 99, 054608 doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.99.054608


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