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Physical Review C




052201(R) (1-7 pp.)


We report on the measurement of the beam asymmetry Σ for the reactions →γp→pη and →γp→pη′ from the GlueX experiment using an 8.2–8.8-GeV linearly polarized tagged photon beam incident on a liquid hydrogen target in Hall D at Jefferson Laboratory. These measurements are made as a function of momentum transfer −t with significantly higher statistical precision than our earlier η measurements and are the first measurements of η′ in this energy range. We compare the results to theoretical predictions based on t-channel quasiparticle exchange. We also compare the ratio of Ση to Ση′ to these models as this ratio is predicted to be sensitive to the amount of s¯s exchange in the production. We find that photoproduction of both η and η′ is dominated by natural parity exchange with little dependence on −t.


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Adhikari, S., Ali, A., Amaryan, M., Austregesilo, A., Barbosa, F., Barlow, J., . . . Glue, X. C. (2019). Beam asymmetry Σ for the photoproduction of η and ή mesons at Eγ =8.8 GeV. Physical Review C, 100(5), 052201(R) doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.100.052201


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