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Physical Review C








Tensor and vector analyzing powers for the ²H (d,γ) ⁴He reaction have been obtained as a function of angle at Ed(lab) = 20, 30, and 50 MeV. Differential cross sections were extracted at 30 and 50 MeV. Data for Ayy(θ) and Ay(θ) were obtained at all three energies, while T20(θ) was also measured at Ed(lab) = 50 MeV. A direct capture calculation was performed and compared to the data. This calculation assumes point deuterons and that the reaction proceeds primarily via E2 radiation in this energy region. A value of 4% for the D-state probability arising from two-deuteron relative motion in the 4He wave function was extracted by fitting the predictions of this model to the data. This calculation indicates that g-wave capture is significant at the energies of the present experiment, a result which is supported by a transition matrix element analysis of the data. The results of a microscopic 7-channel resonating group model (MCRGM) calculation are also compared to the data. This model takes all amplitudes having incoming angular momenta l ≤ 2 into account as well as the couplings to the n-3He and p-T channels. This microscopic calculation, which has produced reasonable agreement with the previous low energy data, predicts a value of 2.2% for the two-deuteron component of the D state in 4He. There is qualitative agreement with the present data.


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Whitton, R. M., Weller, H. R., Hayward, E., Dodge, W. R., & Kuhn, S. E. (1993). ²H (d,γ) ⁴He polarization observables at 20, 30, and 50 MEV. Physical Review C, 48(5), 2355-2365.


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