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Physical Review C






035501 (1-12)


We report on a study of the Gamow-Teller matrix element contributing to ⁶Heβ decay with similarity renormalization group (SRG) versions of momentum- and configuration-space two-nucleon interactions. These interactions are derived from two different formulations of chiral effective field theory (χEFT)—without and with the explicit inclusion of Δ isobars. We consider evolution parameters ΛSRG in the range between 1.2 and 2.0 fm−1 and, for the Δ-less case, also the unevolved (bare) interaction. The axial current contains one- and two-body terms, consistently derived at tree level (no loops) in the two distinct χEFT formulations we have adopted here. The ⁶He and ⁶Li ground-state wave functions are obtained from hyperspherical-harmonics (HH) solutions of the nuclear many-body problem. In A = 6 systems, the HH method is limited at present to treat only two-body interactions and non-SRG evolved currents. Our results exhibit a significant dependence on ΛSRG of the contributions associated with two-body currents, suggesting that a consistent SRG-evolution of these is needed in order to obtain reliable estimates. We also show that the contributions from one-pion-exchange currents depend strongly on the model (chiral) interactions and on the momentum- or configuration-space cutoffs used to regularize them. These results might prove helpful in clarifying the origin of the sign difference recently found in no-core-shell-model and quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the ⁶He Gamow-Teller matrix element.


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Gnech, A., Marcucci, L. E., Schiavilla, R., & Viviani, M. (2021). Comparative study of ⁶He β-decay based on different similarity-renormalization-group evolved chiral interactions. Physical Review C, 104(3), 1-12, Article 035501.