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Physics Letters B




136523 (1-6)


High-momentum configurations of nucleon pairs at short-distance are probed using measurements of the 12C(e,'p) and 12C (e,e'pN) reactions (where N is either n or p), at high Q2 and 𝒙B > 1.1. The data span a missing-momentum range of 300-1000 MeV/c and are predominantly sensitive to the transition region of the strong nuclear interaction from a tensor to scalar interaction. The data are well reproduced by theoretical calculations using the generalized contact formalism with both chiral and phenomenological nucleon-nucleon (NN) interaction models. This agreement suggests that the measured high missing-momentum protons up to 1000 MeV/c predominantly belong to short-ranged correlated (SRC) pairs. The measured 12C (e, e'pN/12C(e, e'p) and 12C(e, e'pp)/12C(e,e'pn) cross-section ratios are consistent with a decrease in the fraction of proton-neutron SRC pairs and increase in the fraction of proton-proton SRC pairs with increasing missing momentum. This confirms the transition from an isospin-dependent tensor NN interaction at ~400 MeV/c to an isospin-independent scalar interaction at high-momentum around ~800 MeV/c as predicted by theoretical calculation.


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Korover, I., Pybus, J.R., Schmidt, A., Hauenstein, F., Duer, M., ... Zheng, X. (2021) ¹² C(e,e'pN) measurements of short range correlations in the tensor-to-scalar interaction transition region. Physics Letters B. 820, 1-6, Article 136523.


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