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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 29th Linear Accelerator Conference



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29th Linear Accelerator Conference, September 16-21, 2018, Beijing, China


The rf-dipole crabbing cavity planned for the LHC High Luminosity Upgrade is designed to deliver a transverse kick of 3.34 MV; crabbing the proton beam in the horizontal plane. The proton beams of the LHC machine operating at 7 TeV each sets high impedance thresholds on the crabbing cavity systems. The rf-dipole crabbing cavity is designed with a two higher order mode couplers to suppress those HOMs. The first prototype of the HOM couplers are fabricated at Jefferson Lab. This paper reports the cryogenic test results of the HOM couplers with the SPS prototype rf-dipole cavity.


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De Silva, S. U., Park, H., Delayen, J. R., & Li, Z. (2018). Cryogenic test results of the SPS prototype RF-dipole crabbing cavity with higher order mode couplers. In G. Pei, V.R.W. Schaa, Y.H. Chin, S. Fu, & N. Zhao (Eds.), Proceedings of the 29th Linear Accelerator Conference (pp. 402-404). Joint Accelerator Conferences Website.


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