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Proceedings of the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference



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13th International Particle Accelerator Conference, 12-17 June 2022, Bankok, Thailand


The Jefferson Lab KL experiment will run at the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility with a much lower bunch repetition rate (7.80 or 15.59 MHz) than nominally used (249.5 or 499 MHz). While the proposed average current of 2.5 - 5.0 µA is relatively low compared to the maximum CEBAF current of approximately 180 µA, the corresponding bunch charge is atypically high for CEBAF injector operation. In this work, we investigated the evolution and transmission of low-rep-rate, high-bunch-charge (0.32 to 0.64 pC) beams through the CEBAF injector. Using the commercial software General Particle Tracer, we have simulated and analyzed the beam characteristics for both values of bunch charge. We performed these simulations with the existing injector using a 130 kV gun voltage. We have calculated and measured the transmission as a function of the photocathode laser spot size and pulse length. We report on the findings of these simulations and optimum parameters for operating the experiment.


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Pokharel, S., Krafft, G.A., Hofler, A.S., Kazimi, R., Bruker, M., Grames, J., & Zhang, S. (2022). CEBAF injector for KL Beam Conditions. In F. Zimmerman, H. Tanaka, P. Sudmuang, P. Klysubun, P. Sunwong, T. Chanwattana, & C. Petit-Jean-Genaz (Eds.), Proceedings of the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference (pp. 580-583). Journals of Accelerator Conferences Website.


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