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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC2010



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Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC10


The superconducting parallel-bar cavity has properties that makes it attractive as a deflecting or crabbing rf structure. For example it is under consideration as an rf separator for the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade and as a crabbing structure for a possible LHC luminosity upgrade. In order to maintain the purity of the deflecting mode and avoid mixing with the near accelerating mode caused by geometrical imperfection, a minimum frequency separation is needed which depends on the expected deviations from perfect symmetry. We have done an extensive analysis of the impact of several geometrical imperfections on the properties of the parallel-bar cavities and the effects on the beam, and present the results in this paper.


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De Silva, S. U., & Delayen, J. (2010). Design sensitivites of the superconducting parallel-bar cavity. In Proceedings of Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC2010 (812-814). Joint Accelerator Conferences Website.


0000-0002-4809-9439 (De Silva)