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EPJ Web of Conferences




02006 (1-5)

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HYP2022- 14th International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics, June 27-July 1, 2022, Prague, Czech Republic


An nnΛ is a neutral baryon system with no charge. The study of the pure Λ-neutron system such as nnΛ gives us information on the Λn interaction. The nnΛ search experiment (E12-17-003) was performed at JLab Hall A in 2018. In this article, the Λn FSI was investigated by a shape analysis of the 3H(e, e′K+)X missing mass spectrum, and a preliminary result for the Λn FSI study is given.


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Itabashi, K., Suzuki, K. N., Pandey, B., Okuyama, K., Gogami, T., Nagao, S., Nakamura, S. N., Tang, L., Abrams, D., Akiyama, T., Androic, D., Aniol, K., Ayerbe Gayoso, C., Bane, J., Barcus, S., Barrow, J., Bellini, V., Bhatt, H., Bhetuwal, D., . . . Zheng, X. (2022) Study of ⋀n FSI with ⋀ quasi-free productions on the ³H (e, e'K⁺) X reaction at JLab. EPJ Web of Conferences, 271, 02006.


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