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Physical Review C






065201 (1-24)


Beam-recoil transferred polarizations for the exclusive electroproduction of K + Λ and K + Σ0 final states from an unpolarized proton target have been measured using the CLAS12 spectrometer at Jefferson Laboratory. The measurements at beam energies of 6.535 and 7.546 GeV span the range of four-momentum transfer Q2 from 0.3 to 4.5 GeV2 and invariant energy W from 1.6 to 2.4 GeV, while covering the full center-of-mass angular range of the K+. These new data extend the existing hyperon polarization data from CLAS in a similar kinematic range but from a significantly larger dataset. They represent an important addition to the world data, allowing for better exploration of the reaction mechanism in strangeness production processes, for further understanding of the spectrum and structure of excited nucleon states, and for improved insight into the strong interaction in the regime of nonperturbative dynamics.


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Carman, D. S., D'Angelo, A., Lanza, L., Mokeev, V. I., Adhikari, K. P., Amaryan, M. J., Armstrong, W. R., Atac, H., Avakian, H., Ayerbe Gayoso, C., Baltzell, N. A., Barion, L., Battaglieri, M., Bedlinskiy, I., Benkel, B., Bianconi, A., Biselli, A. S., Bondi, M., Boiarinov, S., . . . Ziegler, V. (2022). Beam-recoil transferred polarization in K+Y electroproduction in the nucleon resonance region with CLAS12. Physical Review C, 105(6), 1-24, Article 065201.


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