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IPAC 2011 Contributions to the Proceedings



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IPAC 2011: 2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference, 4-9 September, 2011, San Sebastián, Spain


Superconducting single- and multi-spoke cavities have been designed to-date for particle velocities from β~0.15 to β~0.65. Superconducting spoke cavities may also be of interest for higher-velocity, low-frequency applications, either for hadrons or electrons. We present the design of 325 and 352 MHz spoke cavities optimized for β=0.8 and β=1.


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Delayen, J. R., Hopper, C. S., & Olave, R. G. (2011). Design of low-frequency superconducting spoke cavities for high-velocity applications. In IPAC 2011 contributions to the proceedings (pp. 364-366). JACoW.