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LINAC14: Proceedings of the 27th International Linear Accelerator Conference



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27th International Linear Accelerator Conference, August 31-September 5, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland


The Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF) design is based on a 40 MeV 5 mA light ions superconducting RF linac. Phase-I of SARAF delivers up to 2 mA CW proton beams in an energy range of 1.5 - 4.0 MeV. The maximum beam power that we have reached is 5.7 kW. Today, the main limiting factor to reach higher ion energy and beam power is related to the HWR sensitivity to the liquid helium coolant pressure fluctuations. The HWR sensitivity to helium pressure is about 60 Hz/mbar. The cavities had been designed, a decade ago, to be soft in order to enable tuning of their novel shape. However, the cavities turned out to be too soft. In this work we found that increasing the rigidity of the cavities in the vicinity of the external drift tubes may reduce the cavity sensitivity by a factor of three. A preliminary design to increase the cavity rigidity is presented.


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Rodnizki, J., Aliz, Y. B., Grin, A., Horvitz, Z., Perry, A., Weissman, L., Davis, K., & Delayen, J. R. (2014). Superconducting accelerating cavity pressure sensitivity analysis and stiffening. In C. Carli, M. Draper, Y.-M. Ducimetiere, A. McCausey, R. Muller, J. Poole & V.R.W. Schaa (Eds.), LINAC14: Proceedings of the 27th International Linear Accelerator Conference (pp. 373-376). JACoW.