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Physical Review D






012005 (1-7)


The E12-14-012 experiment, performed in Jefferson Lab Hall A, has measured the (e,e′p) cross section in parallel kinematics using a natural titanium target. In this paper, we report the analysis of the dataset obtained in different kinematics for our solid natural titanium target. Data were obtained in a range of missing momentum and missing energy between 15 ≲ pm ≲ 250  MeV/c and 12 ≲ Em ≲ 80  MeV, respectively, and using an electron beam energy of 2.2 GeV. We measured the reduced cross section with ∼7% accuracy as a function of both missing momentum and missing energy. Our Monte Carlo simulation, including both a model spectral function and the effects of final-state interactions, satisfactorily reproduces the data.


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Jiang, L., Ankowski, A.M., Abrams, D., Gu, L., Aljawrneh, B., Alsalmi, S., Bane, J., Batz, A., Barcus, S., Barroso, M., Bellini, V., Benhar, O., Bericic, J., Biswas, D., Camsonne, A., Castellanos, J., Chen, J.-P., Christy, M.E., Craycraft, K., ... Zhang (2023) Determination of the titanium spectral function from (e, e'p) data. Physical Review D, 107(1), 1-7, Article 012005.


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