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Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference




A dual energy storage ring designed for beam cooling consists of two closed rings with significantly different energies: the cooling and damping rings. These two rings are connected by an energy recovering superconducting RF structure that provides the necessary energy difference. In our design, the RF acceleration has a main linac and harmonic cavities both running at crest that at first accelerates the beam from low energy E_{L} to high energy E_{H} and then decelerates the beam from E_{H} to E_{L} in the next pass. The purpose of the harmonic cavities is to extend the bunch length in a dual energy storage ring as such a longer bunch length may be very useful in a cooling application. Besides these cavities, a bunching cavity running on zero-crossing phase is used outside of the common beamline to provide the necessary longitudinal focusing for the system. In this paper, we present a preliminary lattice design along with the fundamental beam dynamics study in such a dual energy storage ring.


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Dhital, B., Derbenev, Y. S., Douglas, D., Hutton, A., Krafft, G. A., Lin, F., Morozov, V. S., & Zhang, Y. (2021). Beam dynamics study in a dual energy storage ring for ion beam cooling*. In L. Liu, J. Byrd, R. Neuenschwander, R. Picoreti, & V.R.W. Schaa (Eds.), Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference (pp. 1290-1293). JACoW.


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