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Physical Review Letters






142301 (1-8)


We report results of Λ hyperon production in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering off deuterium, carbon, iron, and lead targets obtained with the CLAS detector and the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility 5.014 GeV electron beam. These results represent the first measurements of the Λ multiplicity ratio and transverse momentum broadening as a function of the energy fraction (z) in the current and target fragmentation regions. The multiplicity ratio exhibits a strong suppression at high zand an enhancement at low z. The measured transverse momentum broadening is an order of magnitude greater than that seen for light mesons. This indicates that the propagating entity interacts very strongly with the nuclear medium, which suggests that propagation of diquark configurations in the nuclear medium takes place at least part of the time, even at high z. The trends of these results are qualitatively described by the Giessen Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck transport model, particularly for the multiplicity ratios. These observations will potentially open a new era of studies of the structure of the nucleon as well as of strange baryons.


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Chetry, T., El Fassi, L., Brooks, W. K., Dupré, R., El Alaoui, A., Hafidi, K., Achenbach, P., Adhikari, K. P., Akbar, Z., Armstrong, W. R., Arratia, M., Atac, H., Avakian, H., Baashen, L., Baltzell, N. A., Barion, L., Bashkanov, M., Battaglieri, M., Bedlinskiy, I., . . . Zurek, M. (2023). First measurement of Λ electroproduction off nuclei in the current and target fragmentation regions. Physical Review Letters, 130(14), 1-8, Article 142301.


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