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Physical Review Accelerators and Beams






044701 (1-24)


The higher efficiency of superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavities compared to normal -conducting ones enables the development of high-energy continuous-wave linear accelerators (linacs). Recent progress in the development of high-quality Nb3Sn film coatings along with the availability of cryocoolers with high cooling capacity at 4 K makes it feasible to operate SRF cavities cooled by thermal conduction at relevant accelerating gradients for use in accelerators. A possible use of conduction-cooled SRF linacs is for environmental applications, requiring electron beams with energy of 1-10 MeV and 1 MW of power. We have designed a 915 MHz SRF linac for such an application and developed a prototype single-cell cavity to prove the proposed design by operating it with cryocoolers at the accelerating gradient required for 1 MeV energy gain. The cavity has a ~3 μm thick Nb3 Sn film on the inner surface, deposited on a ~4 mm thick bulk Nb substrate and a bulk ~7 mm thick Cu outer shell with three Cu attachment tabs. The cavity was tested up to a peak surface magnetic field of 53 mT in liquid He at 4.3 K. A horizontal test cryostat was designed and built to test the cavity cooled with three Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers. The rf tests of the conduction-cooled cavity, performed at General Atomics, achieved a peak surface magnetic field of 50 mT and stable operation was possible with up to 18.5 W of rf heat load. The peak frequency shift due to microphonics was 23 Hz. These results represent the highest peak surface magnetic field achieved in a conduction-cooled SRF cavity to date and meet the requirements for a 1 MeV energy gain.


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Ciovati, G., Anderson, J., Balachandran, S., Cheng, G., Coriton, B., Daly, E., Dhakal, P., Gurevich, A., Hannon, F., Harding, K., Holland, L., Marhauser, F., McLaughlin, K., Packard, D., Powers, T., Pudasaini, U., Rathke, J., Rimmer, R., Schultheiss, T., . . . Vollmer, D. (2023). Development of a prototype superconducting radio-frequency cavity for conduction-cooled accelerators. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 26(4), 1-24, Article 044701.


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