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Physical Review Letters






142301 (1-7)


We report the first measurement of charmed-hadron (D0) production via the hadronic decay channel (D0→K+) in Au+Au collisions at √sNN=200  GeV with the STAR experiment. The charm production cross section per nucleon-nucleon collision at midrapidity scales with the number of binary collisions, Nbin, from p+p to central Au+Au collisions. The D0 meson yields in central Au+Au collisions are strongly suppressed compared to those in p+p scaled by Nbin, for transverse momenta pT > 3  GeV/c, demonstrating significant energy loss of charm quarks in the hot and dense medium. An enhancement at intermediate pT is also observed. Model calculations including strong charm-medium interactions and coalescence hadronization describe our measurements.


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Adamczyk, L., Adkins, J. K., Agakishiev, G., Aggarwal, M.M., Ahammed, Z., Alekseev, I., Alford, J., Anson, C.D., Aparin, A., Arkhipkin, D., Aschenauer, E. C., Averichev, G. S., Banerjee, A., Beavis, D. S., Bellwied, R., Bhasin, A., Bhati, A. K., Bhattarai, P., Bichsel, H. . . . Zyzak, M. (2014) Observation of D⁰ meson nuclear modifications in Au + Au collisions at √SNN = 200 GeV. Physical Review Letters, 113(14), 1-7, Article 142301.