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Physical Review C






035201 (1-7)


The nuclear dependence of the inclusive inelastic electron scattering cross section (the EMC effect) has been measured for the first time in 10B and 11B. Previous measurements of the EMC effect in A ≤ 12 nuclei showed an unexpected nuclear dependence; 10B and 11B were measured to explore the EMC effect in this region in more detail. Results are presented for 9Be, 10B, 11B, and 12C at an incident beam energy of 10.6 GeV. The EMC effect in the boron isotopes was found to be similar to that for 9Be and 12C, yielding almost no nuclear dependence in the EMC effect in the range A = 4–12. This represents important new data supporting the hypothesis that the EMC effect depends primarily on the local nuclear environment due to the cluster structure of these nuclei.


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Hall, C. C., Karki, A., Biswas, D., Gonzalez, F. A., Henry, W., Morean, C., Nadeeshani, A., Sun, A., Abrams, D., Ahmed, Z., Aljawrneh, B., Alsalmi, S., Ambrose, R., Androic, D., Armstrong, W., Arrington, J., Asaturyan, A., Assumin-Gyimah, K., Ayerbe Gayoso, C., . . . Zhang, J. (2023). First measurement of the EMC effect in 10B and 11B. Physical Review C, 108(3), 1-7, Article 035201.


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