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Physical Review A






043325 (1-13)


The Efimov phenomenon manifests itself as an emergent discrete scaling symmetry in the quantum three-body problem. In the unitarity limit, it leads to an infinite tower of three-body bound states with energies forming a geometric sequence. In this work, we study the evolution of these so-called Efimov states using relativistic scattering theory. We identify them as poles of the three-particle 𝑆 matrix in the complex energy plane, and we study how they transform from virtual states through bound states to resonances when we change the interaction strength. We dial the scattering parameters toward the unitarity limit and observe the emergence of the universal scaling of energies and couplings—a behavior known from the nonrelativistic case. We additionally find that Efimov resonances follow unusual, cyclic trajectories accumulating at the three-body threshold and then disappear at some values of the two-body scattering length. We propose a partial resolution to this “missing states” problem.


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Dawid, S. M., Islam, M. H. E., Briceño, R. A., & Jackura, A. W. (2024). Evolution of Efimov states. Physical Review A, 109(4), 1-13, Article 043325.