Video of 2021 Poetry Slam Performances

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Zoom video recording, including the following poets/poems:

  • Chera Broadnax: Months of the Year
  • Chera Broadnax: Just One Story
  • Chera Broadnax: Exam
  • Marquita Snow: The End
  • Marquita Snow: The Hands of the Clock
  • Marquita Snow: Have You
  • Pettie Perkins: Skills
  • Pettie Perkins: Definitions
  • Pettie Perkins: Letter to My Twelve Year Old Self
  • Quaya Cooper: Untitled
  • Quaya Cooper: Self Love
  • Quaya Cooper: Untitled (2)
  • Rachel Mantos: Just the Ones That Made the News
  • Rachel Mantos: van Gogh
  • Rachel Mantos: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned
  • Tammy Geer: Looking Up
  • Tammy Geer: The Pains of Life
  • Tammy Geer: The One Times in My Moment

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