Date of Award

Winter 2004

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Director

Debra A. Major

Committee Member

Donald D. Davis

Committee Member

Barbara Winstead

Committee Member

Marc Sokol


Ensuring that individuals develop new and more productive behaviors on the job is a challenge for many organizations and a focus of time, effort, and energy spent on programs to facilitate this change. This research was an effort to validate and utilize a framework for understanding how efforts toward individual development are restricted. To do this, I used a new 360-degree feedback instrument called “Time 2 Change” that measures self, manager, direct report, and peer/colleague perceptions of change in the individual. This instrument also measures the individual's perceptions of development enablers, in a framework called a Development Pipeline. As a result of analyses, it is clear that while the scale being used to measure development enablers is intended to be multidimensional, it consists of one dimension. However, there are several opportunities to build on this research to improve the pipeline tool and to gain a better understanding of individual development.


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