Date of Award

Spring 1986

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Committee Director

Terry L. Dickinson

Committee Member

Glynn D. Coates

Committee Member

Anthony Dalessio

Committee Member

Glenn DeBiasi


Methods for estimating the standard deviation of performance in dollars (SDy) proposed by Schmidt, Hunter, McKenzie, and Muldrow (1979) (referred to as S & H) and by Burke and Frederick (1984) (referred to as B & F) were compared with a modified procedure which incorporated the Delphi and critical incident methodologies (referred to as Delphi). Sixty-four nursing managers were randomly assigned to one of the three methods. They provided estimates for the jobs of registered nurse and licensed practical nurse. The three methods yielded similar estimates, were equally sensitive to differences between the jobs, and conformed to the assumptions of normality. The Delphi procedure yielded estimates with lower variability than the other two procedures and was slightly more acceptable to estimators than the S & H procedure. In addition, the Delphi procedure produced a list of critical activities that the human resource department believed was a valuable by-product of the estimation process. Point estimates in all conditions were similar to nurse's salaries. The results lend support for the increased use of SDy estimation procedures in applied settings. However, future research should examine manager's use of salary information in generating estimates. The Delphi was an improvement over the previous procedures and thus was recommended for most situations. However, the advantages were not overwhelming and the simpler S & H procedure could be appropriate under certain circumstances.


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