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Journal of Personnel Psychology


In the first meta-analysis of the PERMA well-being framework (i.e., positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishment), we cumulated 692 effect sizes (k = 33 independent samples, N = 10,050 workers). Average reliability did not meet the conventional ɑ = .70 threshold for engagement measured with the PERMA-Profiler or the Workplace PERMA Profiler or for negative emotions measured with the former. Overall, PERMA dimensions were strongly intercorrelated, and model comparisons suggested multidimensionality. We also summarized PERMA’s relationships with some conceptual antecedents (conscientiousness, loneliness); correlates (happiness, negative emotions); and outcomes (physical health, depressive symptoms, overall job performance). Additionally, we used dominance analysis to examine PERMA dimensions’ incremental validity. Although the framework holds promise for organizational research, PERMA measurement must be refined.


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Jimenez, W. P., Hu, X., Garden, R. & Zeytonli, A. (in press). The potential and peculiarities of PERMA: A meta-analysis of two well-being measures with working samples. Journal of Personnel Psychology.


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