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Community Mental Health Journal


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Teen-to-teen (t2t) crisis lines are a special type of crisis service where youth volunteers help their peers. Although prior research has examined the experience of adult crisis line responders, no research has examined the experience of adolescents who do this work. In collaboration with two of the largest t2t lines in the U.S., this pilot study is the first examination of t2t crisis line work. Volunteers (ages 14–20) reported: their primary motivation for joining the crisis lines was to help others and give back to the community; responding to a range of peers’ problems on the t2t crisis line, including high-risk suicide contacts; and a range of ways the crisis line work impacted their lives. Findings provide preliminary information about the experience of adolescents engaging in t2t crisis line work. Additional research is needed in larger and more diverse samples to understand the impact of crisis line work for youth.


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Glenn, C. R., Kalgren, T., Dutta, S., Kandlur, R., Allison, K. K., Duan, A., Eskin, C. K., Leets, M., & Gould, M. S. (2024). Evaluating the experience of teen-to-teen crisis line volunteers: A pilot study. Community Mental Health Journal. Advance online publication.


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