Date of Award

Spring 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Public Administration and Urban Policy

Committee Director

John C. Morris

Committee Member

John R. Lombard

Committee Member

Chris Colburn


The McGuire et al. model (1994) showed that development of a strategic plan led to higher development capacity, but did not address the relationship between development capacity and redevelopment success. This study examined the link between development capacity and redevelopment success.

This study examined six base realignment and closure communities. Following the Yin Multiple Case Study Method, each community was evaluated on its own merits before being compared with other communities. In this study the McGuire et al. model was expanded to fourteen variables in three categories; citizen participation, community structure, and development instruments. Redevelopment success was measured by attainment of the communities' redevelopment goals and indices used by other development agencies.

The results show that higher development capacity leads to higher redevelopment success when measured by indices used by other agencies and attainment of community redevelopment goals. The most significant category is development instruments. The most significant variables are lead agency, an appropriate development focus, and investing in institutional infrastructure.