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Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Symposium, February 9 2018, Glen Allen, Virginia


The management of dunes and beaches in Hampton Roads is critical to the region’s tourism industry and to provide protection from storms and flooding. During the summer of 2017, we surveyed over 675 residents of Hampton Roads to gauge their preferences for the management of dunes and beaches. An overwhelming majority felt that all taxpayers should have a say in maintenance practices along with government regulations to assist with the protection of beaches and dunes. Residents leaned towards localized input from citizens as preferred methods of management and understood the importance their tax dollars play in funding those methods. While residents supported the maintenance of dunes and beaches, there is a split on the appropriate methods to be used. In addition, the majority of participants were supportive of new taxes to fund beach protection.


Faculty Mentors: Dr. Juita-Elena (Wie) Yusuf and Dr. Michelle Covi

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Parker, S., D. Council & M. Brown. 2018. Hampton Roads Residents’ Preferences for Dune and Beach Management. Poster presented at the Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Symposium, February 9, 2018, Glen Allen, Virginia.