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Journal of Social Entrepreneurship




Incubators have been studied extensively in the private sector, such as those that engage in technological innovation or growing small businesses. The scholarship has not sufficiently explored the efforts of incubators in the nonprofit sector that help create programs supporting, mentoring, and cultivating social entrepreneurs. There are numerous documented cases of nonprofit organizations establishing initiatives that help motivated entrepreneurs achieve social change; but research is lagging in developing a systematic understanding of these effort’s impact, and the factors associated with the success of nonprofit initiatives that support social entrepreneurs. This paper seeks to understand the nature of nonprofit organizations that support and cultivate social entrepreneurs. We rely on a unique data set from survey research on nonprofit initiatives across three U.S. Census Regions. Results indicate that the characteristics of nonprofit organizations vary in their reliance on a variety of revenue resources and governance arrangements, as well as in their diverse policy focus. They also provide an extensive and diverse set of services that supports the ideas and efforts of social entrepreneurs.


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Valero, J. N., Saitgalina, M., & Black, R. A. (2021). Understanding the nature of non-profit incubators with other sector incubators in the founding of social change organisations by social entrepreneurs. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship. Advance online publication. 1-38.