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Leveraging Digital Innovation for Governance, Public Administration, and Citizen Services: Emerging Research and Opportunities




This chapter focuses on participatory mapping as an e-governance tool to facilitate public participation. Public participation is a key component of democratic governance, and there is a growing reliance on digital government tools such as the internet and social networking sites and geographic information systems (GIS). This chapter focuses on public engagement using information and communication technology, namely participatory mapping, known by a variety of terms such as participatory GIS (PGIS), public participation GIS (PPGIS), and voluntary GIS. While the analysis involves use of participatory mapping related to environmental issues, the chapter brings together seminal work from various fields of citizen engagement and participatory mapping. The idea is to create one common narrative for scholars and practitioners, bringing together various terminologies, practices, and studies in participatory mapping in the environmental arena that offers a beginner's frame of reference.


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Rawat, P., & Yusuf, J.-E. W. (2020). Participatory mapping, e-participation, and e-governance: Applications in environmental policy. In N.V. Mali (Ed.), Leveraging digital innovation for governance, public administration and citizen services: Emerging research and opportunities (pp. 147-175). IGI Global.