Most Recent Additions*


Combined Cognitive & Motivational Supports for STEM Learning Beta
Jennifer G. Cromley, Avi Kaplan, and Tony Perez


ArchiveNow: Simplified, Extensible, Multi-Archive Preservation
Mohamed Aturban, Mat Kelly, Sawood Alam, John A. Berlin, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle


Demographic Prediction of Mobile User from Phone Usage
Shahram Mohrehkesh, Shuiwang Ji, Tamer Nadeem, and Michele C. Weigle


Content Validation of the Athletic Training Milestones: A Report from the Association for Athletic Training Education Research Network
Cailee E. Welch Bacon, Barton E. Anderson, Julie M. Cavallario, Bonnie Van Lunen, and Lindsey E. Eberman


Workbooks for Instruction in Diagram Comprehension: High School Biology Part I
Jennifer G. Cromley, Tony Perez, and Bradley W. Bergey


Students Reading at the Planetarium, 1st Annual Arts Reunion
Graduate Poetry Workshop, Old Dominion University

*Updated as of 09/05/23.